How Much Fuel Should A Commercial Vehicle Fleet Use?

Fuel costs represent the bulk of commercial fleet financing costs that companies are faced with. The costs are determined by numerous factors – here are some: The age of the cars in your fleet – the older your cars, the less efficient they are and the more fuel they need. To reduce your fuel costs, […]

Tips for Saving Money on Fleet Car Leasing

Leasing the car fleet is a financially sound decision for many companies – in many cases, leasing their vehicles, rather than owning them is cheaper and a solution that allows them to focus more on their core business. While a leased fleet can be a great money saver in itself, making smart choices in terms […]

Important Things to Keep in Your Corporate Car

Your Alliance Leasing corporate car is probably one of your most important tools of work and we all need to take proper care of our tools of work to be able to rely on them. Your corporate car is probably equipped with a smart phone mount, an infotainment system that includes navigation, ergonomically placed cup […]

What Are Telematics? The Use of Telematics and Telematic Devices in the Automotive Industry

If you’re around cars a lot, you probably already heard the term, “telematics.” But what is it really, and what is it about? The short definition is that telematics is a term used to describe an industry that uses telecommunication and information technologies to send and store information remotely, as well as to control certain […]

The Most Important Benefits Offered by Driver Safety Programs for Businesses

It’s not uncommon for transport companies, truck fleet leasing companies, or delivery firms to enroll their drivers in a driver safety program. If you’re just starting out, this is definitely a good option to consider, as driving safety programs can bring a lot of amazing benefits both on a short and long term basis: A […]