The Alliance Advantage

ALLIANCE LEASING gives all the Control and Flexibility you typically associate with ownership. In fact, our lease may offer you more flexibility than ownership! Couple this with the significant advantages of leasing, and our dedication to providing you with the highest quality of personal service and professional advice, and you’ll discover THE ALLIANCE ADVANTAGE!


  • NO MILEAGE RESTRICTIONS or wear and tear policies. Use the vehicles just as if you owned them. No restrictions on the number of miles you can drive, nor penalties for excessive wear and tear that you might find with other leases
  • NO EARLY TERMINATION PENALTIES: You may terminate the ALLIANCE lease without any interest penalties any time after the first year. Just as with ownership, you determine the timing of your vehicle needs rather than being locked in by a lease agreement. We offer the most flexible and least restrictive lease in the industry.
  • PROFIT FROM THE SALE: Just as with ownership, you retain control over the sale of your vehicle. With our expert knowledge and resources, you can be assured of receiving the highest available wholesale price for your used vehicles. Any profits from the sale are promptly returned.


  • LOWEST ACQUISITION COST: At ALLIANCE LEASING, we’ll guarantee you the lowest delivered price on any factory ordered vehicle! In this environment of ever-changing incentives, we make sure you get every incentive offered, with no hidden costs. Take advantage of Alliance Leasing’s volume purchasing power.
  • CONSERVE CASH: Leasing allows you to acquire new vehicles and equipment today, without a sizable cash outlay. Your capital may be used more efficiently to buy inventory, advertise, hire personnel, or weather difficult economic times. If you are in a business that has important alternative uses for money, leasing may be the best alternative in the “lease versus buy” analysis.
  • OFF-BALANCE-SHEET TREATMENT: ALLIANCE LEASING offers a true “operating lease,” giving you the maximum accounting and tax advantages of leasing. If you are borrowing for other needs or have bonding requirements, keeping these transactions off your balance-sheet can be important.
  • MAXIMUM TAX BENEFITS: Current tax laws favor leasing over ownership. Leasing may allow you to accelerate write-offs and defer tax payments. In addition, sales tax is only paid on the rentals, not the entire asset value.


  • FLEET MANAGEMENT AND FUEL CARDS: ALLIANCE LEASING can offer you the most comprehensive fleet management tools available. These low cost, and in many cases no-cost services, will help you reduce the operating expenses of your vehicles, and maximize their resale value. Our experts will help you choose the program that is right for you.
  • VEHICLE SELECTION AND DISPOSITION: Choosing the right vehicle for your needs is an important part of asset management. At ALLIANCE LEASING, we’ll offer the best professional advice on vehicle selection, and help you dispose of used vehicles at the highest wholesale prices.
  • PERSONAL SERVICE: At ALLIANCE LEASING, we’re dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of personal service and professional advice. That’s the ALLIANCE ADVANTAGE!
  • STRUCTURED TO MEET YOUR FINANCIAL NEEDS: You can choose to treat the lease as an operating expense or a loan. This allows you to maximize your tax and accounting benefits.
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