Most Popular Commercial Fleet Vehicles

Commercial vehicles used to be, until recently, some of the biggest polluters. However, due to the very strict emission they transformed into environmentally-friendly vehicles even if a significant number of them are still diesel. New commercial vehicles are now designed to have lower capacity but higher efficiency, which makes them very economic in use. Commercial […]

Tips for Driving Around with a Business Client

Driving around with a business client can often be time consuming. Before you know it, half of the day passes quickly and there is little time left for other projects. In these circumstances, you should find ways to remain productive and also to get some tax deductions, if they are available. It is good to […]

Are Manual or Automatic Cars Better for Commercial Use?

So, the question is, should you consider manual or automatic transmissions for your commercial vehicles? To answer that, we must first understand fully what a manual and an automatic transmission can really do. Manual transmissions typically require the driver to control the clutch and shift through various gears by themselves while driving the car. This […]