Helpful Tips for Staying Focused While Driving Long Distance for Business

Driving long distance for attending a business conference or going to an important meeting can be a crucial time for you. Being on time is essential, so you have to make sure you don’t waste much time on the way. However, driving carefully and making sure you use your preventive driving skills at the same […]

Should You and Your Drivers Eat and Drink in Your Commercial Vehicles?

While you might be okay with doing anything you want inside your personal vehicles, including eating, drinking and bringing friends along to have a relaxing time and listen to music, commercial vehicles are mainly meant for work and business. So should you or your drivers consider eating and drinking in a commercial car or vehicle? […]

About Commercial Fleet Vehicles: How Commercial Cars Avoid Liability Problems

Liability issues can arise in any area of life, and renting a car or driving a commercial vehicle as part of your job is definitely part of it. When it comes to the company that owns these cars, it’s important to note that many fleet management companies have liability waivers whenever they rent out the […]

What You Need to Know About the Tax Deductions Associated with Commercial Vehicles

Whether you buy a vehicle to be used for personal purposes, such as a car or a pick up truck, or you are considering purchasing a fleet of cars, trucks, buses or other heavy equipment leasing vehicles meant to help with your business, it’s important to note the fact that you always have to pay […]

What Should You Expect When You Get in an Accident in a Commercial Fleet Vehicle?

For most of those who drive company fleet vehicles, the answer to this question is quite vague. What do you do if you were just involved in an accident in a company vehicle? Maybe you weren’t seriously injured, but the car is totaled, and you may even have been responsible for the injury of another […]