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Leasing vs Buying

Izuzu SUVLeasing can be an attractive alternative for any business, even those with a surplus of cash. There are several important concepts that, when factored together, may make leasing with us more cost-effective than owning your company vehicles.

Many companies can rattle off the advantages of leasing. ALLIANCE LEASING is the only one that has created a unique and comprehensive tool to help you evaluate the total costs of leasing vs. buying. truck leasingOur customized analysis will walk you through all the financial issues involved in the decision. We’ll use your assumptions, and help you arrive at the decision that is clearly right for you. In fact, we’ll be glad to work with your accountants to verify our analysis.


Alliance Leasing will guarantee you the lowest acquisition cost on most American cars and trucks! We purchase these vehicles at thousands of dollars below factory invoice, and pass the savings on to you. There is no “dealer handling charge” or acquisition fee you will find at other companies.


Current tax laws often favor leasing over buying. Based on your current Federal, State and Local tax rates, we’ll show you how exactly how much this affects your true cost.


When you pay cash for vehicle, you pay in present-day of dollars. When you make payments over time, you are paying with dollars that are worth less relative to their value today. Our unique program will show you exactly what all these costs are worth to you in today’s dollars..


How much could you earn if you invested your cash in your business rather than in your vehicles? Even if you only earned a low CD rate of interest at the bank, leasing may offer a better return on your investment than ownership.

Contact Alliance Leasing today for a free customized financial analysis. Let us show you how much you could be saving.

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