What Are the Most Popular Cars to Buy or Rent for Your Business Fleet?

Whether you’re thinking of buying or renting new cars for your fleet, there are a lot of different options to choose from. A vehicle fleet is, of course, not meant to be just for show. Instead, it will have to comply with the standards and expectations you want to aim for, when it comes to performance, appearance, long term durability and the personal safety of your drivers.

Denver fleet management companies

Unless you’re buying or renting a fleet of vans or pickup trucks, there are a few great options for new cars to rent from Denver fleet management companies for your business fleet:

  • The newer Ford Focus versions that came out after 2017 are some of the best cars to consider. Compact, and featuring a strong road presence, good fuel economy and plenty of advanced features, the Focus is also packed with a lot of advanced tech features for safety and comfort.
  • The VW Passat is a great option as an executive vehicle that stands out due to its large wheels, practical design and impressive level of refinement. The Passat is a car that you’ll definitely want if your aim is to combine practical performance with an impressive amount of style.
  • If you want something cheap, small and practical that will simply take your drivers to their destinations, consider opting for a Vauxhall Sri. This tiny vehicle is exceptionally sporty and energetic, while staying a maneuverable car and retaining a few impressive tech and    luxury features that you’d only find in more expensive vehicles.