Where Can You Find the Most Reliable Truck Fleet Drivers?

A fleet of trucks is not easy to manage. While you might have gotten a great deal for your trucks through specialized fleet management companies, but organizing everything so you can use them efficiently to bring you profit for your business is entirely different.

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Hiring the right truck drivers is one of the most important and difficult tasks you’ll have to focus on as soon as you got your new truck fleet. While you might find a lot of good candidates simply by coming up with a good ad to put in the newspaper or online, the screening process is also very important.

Experience is one of the most essential aspect of hiring a truck driver. Driving trucks for long periods throughout the city and out of town can be taxing, and you need to make sure that you hire an experienced team of truck drivers who can complete their work without making mistakes or falling asleep at the steering wheel.

You also have to make sure you hire drivers who can take the initiative and handle lesser known routes or route changes, especially if your business is new. You might need to reorganize your drivers and send some trucks on different routes from time to time, so you also have to make sure your drivers can easily adapt to such changes.

The Most Important Questions You Should Consider About Commercial Fleet Financing

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Renting or buying a vehicle fleet for your business can be costly, so you might need some financial backing. Before committing to such a decision, however, it’s a good idea to know how to ask the right questions and get informed:

  1. How much will your fleet cost in the long run? Commercial vehicles still need good maintenance and care, as well as purchases like oil, fuel and antifreeze. Before opting for commercial fleet truck leasing offers, consider asking the service you rent or buy from who will pay for what, and then calculate your budget based on their answers to compare fleet services and establish your financing needs.
  2. How often should you expect vehicles to break down? It’s not just about accidents but also about situations when an engine breaks down completely due to overuse, or the steering system of a vehicle becomes unusable. While in some cases the problem can be fixed – albeit with a sizable additional expense – you have to consider the types of vehicles you invest in, how much they’ll cost and what are the risks of them breaking down after as little as 6 months to a year of ownership.
  3. In what way is the bank or financial institution you use for financing your fleet vehicles better than other firms? It’s well-known that all financial institutions will want you to get your loans from them, but can they back up their claims with real facts and evidence? It’s important to ask as many questions as possible and do a lot of digging before you accept any financing offer.

Most Popular Commercial Fleet Vehicles

Commercial vehicles used to be, until recently, some of the biggest polluters. However, due to the very strict emission they transformed into environmentally-friendly vehicles even if a significant number of them are still diesel.

New commercial vehicles are now designed to have lower capacity but higher efficiency, which makes them very economic in use. Commercial vehicle segment is nowadays one of the most dynamic parts of the automotive market. Every business owner can find cars that perfectly fit their needs.

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You can look at popular truck leasing companies in Colorado to find a leasing program that works best for you and your company.

Read on about some of the most popular commercial fleet vehicles.

Ford F-150

It has a towing rating of 12,200 lbs, and offers several smart tow features (a productivity screen with information, a smart trailer tow connector, a dynamic hitch assist etc.)

Toyota Tacoma or Toyota Tundra

These are both top-sellig trucks with features like rear remote reservoirs, heavy-duty floor mats, vinyl-trimmed bench seat, a wide-angle backup camera and more.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

It can be a passenger, crew and cargo van, as well as a cab chassis. The possibility to configure this car according to your business needs makes it valuable, not to mention that it help owners make significant fuel economies.

Ford Transit

This is one of the best-selling commercial vans and comes in passenger and cargo van models, each with three body lengths and three roof heights, as well as single and dual-rear wheel modes.

Driving Safety Tips

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The safety of car/truck drivers, passengers and other traffic participants is directly related to drivers` education and experience. To prevent accidents, here are some tips from well known commercial truck leasing companies.

  • Use the seat belt

The safety belt should be worn by drivers and passengers alike, as long as the car moves. In case of a potential impact, it can save lives.

  • Maintain visibility

Make sure all the mirrors are properly positioned so that you have visibility from all angles. Make sure there is enough windshield washer fluid in the special recipient to allow you to use wipers and clean the windscreen anytime it is necessary.

  • Have the required accessories

Most car accessories are optional, but there are a few that you must have: a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher and reflective triangles. Keep these in your trunk all the time.

  • Focus on the road

Avoid the things that distract your attention while driving. Do not use your mobile phone except in emergency situations, do not listen to loud music and do not allow the other passengers to disturb you.

  • Use the signal lights

Those lights are there for a very good reason. Signaling your intentions is very important to avoid car collisions.

  • Ensure that you always comply with the legislation and that you are up to date with any changes.

Tips for Saving Money on Fleet Car Leasing

Leasing the car fleet is a financially sound decision for many companies – in many cases, leasing their vehicles, rather than owning them is cheaper and a solution that allows them to focus more on their core business.

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While a leased fleet can be a great money saver in itself, making smart choices in terms of fleet composition and funding will allow you to reduce your costs even further – here are a few tips for you:

  • Review your funding – whenever you renew your work truck lease contract, review the financial aspects. Try to be a tough negotiator – leasing companies can be convinced to give you better conditions;
  • Pick cars with great MPG and CO2 levels;
  • Choose your vehicles based on whole-life costs – be very careful when you calculate how much your leased vehicles will actually cost you and include all the cost types that might come up during the time that you use the vehicles;
  • Train your drivers in efficient driving – fuel costs represent a significant part of your fleet related costs. You might have excellent, responsible and reliable drivers, but they might benefit from trainings that teach them how to use their corporate cars more efficiently in any traffic and on any road conditions.