Signs it’s Time to Lease a Commercial Truck

Leasing a commercial truck gives you the right to use it as you wish, for the period the lease lasts. Naturally, there are also certain conditions. The person leasing you the vehicle is responsible for maintenance and repairs, but not if it was your neglect or misuse that caused the damage. You will be required to make monthly payments, same as if you were renting an apartment.

commercial truck leasing

If you need a commercial truck for your business, leasing is a very good option, especially if you cannot afford to pay a big sum of money upfront. Considering that you will not pay for the cost of the vehicle, the commercial truck leasing monthly payments may be even lower than a loan, which makes the lease affordable, especially if you compare it with the utility of the truck for your business.

Leasing is good because it allows you to avoid debt and, once the lease agreement comes to an end, you can choose to upgrade to a better vehicle. On the other hand, you also have the option to purchase the truck at the end of the lease, for its residual value (which is determined in the original leasing contract).

Loaning a commercial truck is not so great, mainly because it is not an investment; you are just using someone else`s vehicle. There will be higher monthly payments and you will likely be required to purchase extra insurance.

Should You and Your Drivers Eat and Drink in Your Commercial Vehicles?

eating and driving in leased cars

While you might be okay with doing anything you want inside your personal vehicles, including eating, drinking and bringing friends along to have a relaxing time and listen to music, commercial vehicles are mainly meant for work and business. So should you or your drivers consider eating and drinking in a commercial car or vehicle?

We often see signs on buses and passenger transportation vehicles that it is prohibited to consume any food and beverages while you’re traveling on the bus. However, this isn’t necessarily a rule that applies to all commercial vehicles.

In some cases, there’s a lot of strictness. With buses, drivers can’t really control everything that the passengers are doing, so there are rules in place to prevent everyone from having snacks and making a huge mess inside the bus. However, for truck drivers to have their lunch inside the truck, provided that they clean up and make sure there are no leftover morsels lying around on the floor of the cockpit, it’s usually all right.

Each supplier, check out for more info – will have their own rules, of course, and it will typically depend on your contract whether or not you and your employees might be allowed to bring in food and beverages.

Maintenance to Expect with A Commercial Truck

fleet leasing companies maintenance

If your business activity relies on your commercial trucks, you need to make sure that your fleet is in perfect condition all the time. The best way to achieve such reliability is to have your fleet leasing companies pay special attention to preventative maintenance – here are some maintenance tasks that you should never skip:

  • Oil replacement – the engine oil must be replaced at regular intervals or whenever the mileage in your car requires it. The process should include not only the replacement of the oil, but the replacement of the related filters as well;
  • Topping up other liquids regularly – the water used by the engine for cooling, the transmission oil, the windshield wiper solution, the brake fluid, the oil in the power steering system all need to be checked and topped regularly. Make sure to check all the important fluids before your trucks leave for longer trips and also keep supplies of all the important liquids in the car to allow the driver to top them up while on the go if necessary;
  • Checking the brakes – they need to be in perfect condition all the time, so check them regularly and get them replaced whenever necessary;
  • Checking the tires – inspect your tires regularly and use them only as long as they are in perfect condition.

Helpful Tips for Keeping Your Truck Fleet in Great Shape

Owning or renting a truck fleet can bring along a lot of problems. Whether you have to send out a lot of trucks to different locations around the country, or you’re just operating within your state, you will need to consider fleet truck leasing maintenance, preventative care, and repair expenses. The following tips will help you with that:

  • You can start by hiring your own mechanic to take a look at the trucks and give you a second opinion whenever the people you rent your trucks from tell you that a certain repair will cost you a certain amount of money.fleet truck leasing
  • Replace damaged or broken parts, rather than having them restored. A lot of times, a restored part isn’t as durable or reliable as it was before. So replacements make more sense, aside from being faster.
  • Avoid putting a lot of strain on your trucks. Even the most robust and dependable vehicles require care and consideration. Just because your trucks can take a really long and challenging trip without stopping, it doesn’t mean they can repeat that feat over and over again.

Preventive care is essential when it comes to your truck fleet. While the above considerations are also important, making sure that damages are dealt with as soon as they arise – even if they don’t seem too bad – is probably the best method for keeping your truck fleet in great shape for a long time to come.

Why Is Vehicle Leasing Such a Great Choice for Your Business?

Whether you just need a couple of trucks or an entire fleet of vehicles, you’ll find that leasing is a much more practical and advantageous choice, both in terms of improved financing and in terms of how you manage and maintain your vehicle fleet.

commercial truck leasing

The main reason truck leasing is a better option compared to buying a car is that, if the vehicle should be damaged, it will be much easier to replace. Additionally, you will not need as much of a head start with your business, since renting is much cheaper upfront than purchasing a fleet.

There’s also a lot to say about commercial truck leasing maintenance and repairs. If your car or truck might need additional maintenance or if you have to take it in to be serviced at the repair shop, not only will the company you rent from give you a replacement vehicle, but they’ll cover the costs of the repairs as well.

Basically, all you need to do is keep paying the rent, and you can maintain your fleet for as long as you want. Moreover, whenever you have to cut down on your spending and reduce the number of vehicles you are using, vehicle leasing will be a lot easier to deal with. On the other hand, had you bought your cars or trucks, you’d be stuck with them, and any opportunity to sell them to another company will be made difficult by the age and wear of the cars.