How Much Fuel Should A Commercial Vehicle Fleet Use?

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Fuel costs represent the bulk of commercial fleet financing costs that companies are faced with. The costs are determined by numerous factors – here are some:

  • The age of the cars in your fleet – the older your cars, the less efficient they are and the more fuel they need. To reduce your fuel costs, evaluate your fleet from the point of view of age and try to figure out how you could replace your oldest cars;
  • The miles traveled – more miles covered means more fuel burned. Take a look at your routes and try to figure out whether you can make them more efficient by shortening them;
  • Educate your drivers – driving style is an important factor that influences fuel efficiency. You might have drivers who have not been involved in any accident since they received their driver’s license, but that does not mean they drive in a fuel-efficient way. Analyze the data returned by the tracking devices mounted on your cars and organize trainings for your drivers to teach them driving techniques to reduce the fuel consumption of the corporate cars they drive. One of the most common fuel saving tips is to turn off the car’s engine whenever the car is standing in traffic for longer than a few seconds.

Tips for Saving Money on Fleet Car Leasing

Leasing the car fleet is a financially sound decision for many companies – in many cases, leasing their vehicles, rather than owning them is cheaper and a solution that allows them to focus more on their core business.

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While a leased fleet can be a great money saver in itself, making smart choices in terms of fleet composition and funding will allow you to reduce your costs even further – here are a few tips for you:

  • Review your funding – whenever you renew your work truck lease contract, review the financial aspects. Try to be a tough negotiator – leasing companies can be convinced to give you better conditions;
  • Pick cars with great MPG and CO2 levels;
  • Choose your vehicles based on whole-life costs – be very careful when you calculate how much your leased vehicles will actually cost you and include all the cost types that might come up during the time that you use the vehicles;
  • Train your drivers in efficient driving – fuel costs represent a significant part of your fleet related costs. You might have excellent, responsible and reliable drivers, but they might benefit from trainings that teach them how to use their corporate cars more efficiently in any traffic and on any road conditions.

Important Things to Keep in Your Corporate Car

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Your Alliance Leasing corporate car is probably one of your most important tools of work and we all need to take proper care of our tools of work to be able to rely on them. Your corporate car is probably equipped with a smart phone mount, an infotainment system that includes navigation, ergonomically placed cup holders, but you need to fit your car with other items that ensure your safety and can help you out in case of an emergency – here are some:

  • A battery jump starter – essential if your car battery gives no sign of life;
  • A glass breaker/seat belt cutter – this emergency rescue tool is small, but very useful in emergencies, such as a jammed seat belt or if you need to get out of a car with blocked doors;
  • A tire traction mat – not so important in regions that don’t get any snow, but all the more important in mountain areas;
  • A flashlight – you can use it to look under the car as well as to call for help;
  • Baby wipes – you can use them to clean your hands and your face, to remove spills or just to refresh yourself a bit;
  • Maps – you might think they are useless in the age of GPS, but they can be lifesavers if digital devices fail and you have no signal.

What Are Telematics? The Use of Telematics and Telematic Devices in the Automotive Industry

If you’re around cars a lot, you probably already heard the term, “telematics.” But what is it really, and what is it about? The short definition is that telematics is a term used to describe an industry that uses telecommunication and information technologies to send and store information remotely, as well as to control certain objects or activities remotely.

A few examples of telematics include vehicle tracking, trailer tracking, satellite navigation, wireless communications designed for vehicle safety, and even intelligent vehicle technologies such as remotely driven cars or communication protocols used in self-driving car technologies.

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As you can see, telematics is a large and complicated branch of the automotive industry, and it’s extremely technical. Although it can reach beyond the automotive industry in some cases, it’s closely tied to it, and it has mainly to do with the idea of sending and receiving information remotely to vehicles, either to promote safety or to ensure better control for the purpose of increasing practical appeal and the comfort of drivers and their families or friends.

Telematics is undoubtedly a field of the future. As the technology used by truck leasing companies in Colorado and the automotive industry as a whole continues to advance, we will likely see many more branches of the field of telematics appearing everywhere, not to mention brand new inventions that are likely to take off as easily as the GPS system did.

The Most Important Benefits Offered by Driver Safety Programs for Businesses

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It’s not uncommon for transport companies, truck fleet leasing companies, or delivery firms to enroll their drivers in a driver safety program. If you’re just starting out, this is definitely a good option to consider, as driving safety programs can bring a lot of amazing benefits both on a short and long term basis:

  • A driver safety program will ensure that all your drivers can learn more about staying safe on the road, avoiding mistakes and using preventive driving – whether they are seasoned veterans or beginners.
  • You never know who has learned to drive more aggressively and rashly and who has a mindful and preventive approach embedded into their driving style. A safety program will give everyone an equal chance to learn and use new preventive driving skills based on safety.
  • Driving will become easier and you can make sure that your cars are involved in fewer accidents. Truck fleet leasing companies with driver safety programs can even help you save a lot of money on repairs and part replacements in the long run.
  • Most importantly, your drivers will start displaying what they learned in real life. There’s nothing better than when customers begin to see the results of the driver safety program they use, and tell all their friends about how amazing your delivery service is.