How Will Leasing Commercial Cars Save You a Lot of Money?

Are you interested in leasing commercial cars? Maybe you have a new business that provides services that require your drivers to be sent to remote areas quite often. Depending on the demands of your business, leasing an entire fleet of cars might also be on the agenda. But how will that truly benefit you in the long run, and how much money can you really save?

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Leasing cars from a professional cost effective commercial fleet financing company will save you a lot of trouble from the start. You won’t have to take care of any of the repairs – as you would, if you had purchased your own fleet of vehicles – and if a car breaks down, you can have it replaced without much fuss. It’s very easy to calculate how much money it would cost you to buy your cars, perform all the repairs yourself and purchase new ones when they break down. If you compare the total amount with how much you’d pay to lease commercial cars over that period, you’ll find it’s much more convenient and affordable to lease.

Of course, there are still potential pitfalls. For instance, if your driver damages the car, you might have to pay for it. However, when you consider your bottom line and how much profit leasing a fleet of high quality, brand new cars can bring you, that risk is worth taking.

Should You Consider How Often Companies Lease a New Fleet of Vehicles?

Most of the time we don’t really think about the option of leasing vehicles from a company more often. However, if you have a new business, and you want to make fast progress with anything from shipping products to sending your technicians to the other side of town in time, you have to make sure you can rent your vehicles whenever you need them.


Line of trucks parked on the roadAs a small business, it stands to reason that you might want to work closely together with a smaller vehicle leasing company. After all, you don’t need so many cars, and aside from the price being better, the leasing options might be more flexible. However, as your business grows, you have to ask yourself just how often you can lease a fleet from the same company.

Sometimes you might consider just leasing a few cars, while at other times, you’ll need larger or a greater number of vehicles to satisfy demand. As a result, asking knowledgeable fleet leasing companies in advance to find out whether they have any types of restrictions regarding how often they can lease out their fleets should be among the first things you inquire about.

Most of the time, based on their answers, you can set up a strategy to change leasing companies once your business grows to a certain level. That way, you can make inquiries in advance, and find out what the best alternative is without any delays and without hurting your bottom line.

Why Are Fleet Vehicles a Good Buy?

transport advertisement design in blue and green abstract template decorative icons set isolated vector illustrationIf you are planning to buy a few corporate vehicles to set up your company fleet or to extend your existing fleet, truck leasing companies offer control and flexibility. Buying used fleet vehicles is an excellent idea – here is why:
– Low price for high value – fleet vehicles formerly used by other companies are usually well-maintained and serviced bang on schedule, so the low price they are available for does not mean that they have been abused and exploited brutally;
– The previous owner is verifiable – used fleet vehicles usually come from car rental companies, government agencies, private companies or are demo cars used by car dealerships, all of them verifiable entities that provide correctly filled, truthful and accurate vehicle documents.

The benefits of buying used fleet vehicles are obvious, but even so, you need to take your own precaution measures to make sure that you get what you pay for. Request a detailed vehicle history report from the previous owner, take the time to review it and don’t be shy to ask for clarifications if you notice potential blind spots in the report. Get an independent mechanic to check the cars that you want to buy and don’t skip the road test either – taking the car for a test drive is the best way to make sure that the car is, indeed, what you are looking for.

Tips for Keeping Your Commercial Van Organized

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Commercial vans are nowadays the most common choice for companies across several industries, their popularity exceeding that of pick-up trucks. Beside fuel-efficiency and reliability, the most important benefit offered by vans is the customizable cargo space, the wide range of options to transform the large, rectangular box in the back into the space that serves the goals of the specific commercial activity that the van is used for. However, that large, rectangular cargo space can easily become messy, so here are a few tips to make the most of the box and to keep the van organized:
– Interior shelves – fixed size and adjustable interior shelves are excellent for storing tools, machine parts and other materials safely;
– Custom cabinets – cargo space cabinets can be installed on the doors or they can be fastened on the floor;
– Drawers – another way to keep your tools, such as your hammers, saws or drill bits organized and at hand;
– A roof rack – most cargo vans can be fitted with roof racks where you can transport building materials, ladders or other large or bulky items without occupying precious interior cargo space and without messing up the system created inside the cargo box.
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What to Expect from a Fleet Management Company

Managing a company fleet is a challenging task that is better left to Denver Colorado Alliance Leasing professionals. Whether your vehicle fleet consists of only a few cars or you operate dozens of vehicles or even more, outsourcing the task to a fleet management company is an excellent decision – here is what you can expect of your fleet management partner:
– Accurate fuel management – this type of service can help you accurately track the fuel consumption of the cars in your fleet, allowing you to find out whether there are routes where you could reduce your expenses;
– Roadside assistance – fleet management services usually take care of towing, flat tires and they solve issues related to lock-outs smoothly, without disturbing you;
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– Accident management – your fleet management partner will handle the issues related to accidents, including insurance claims processing and repairs;
– Reporting – most companies and fleet managers lack the time to pay proper attention to personal mileage reporting, even though they are aware of the importance of tracking the distances covered by company vehicles. The services provided by fleet management companies usually include the paperwork related to reports as well as support offered to drivers in filling out car-related data and the analysis of the data obtained through GPS tracking.