Most Popular Commercial Fleet Vehicles

Commercial vehicles used to be, until recently, some of the biggest polluters. However, due to the very strict emission they transformed into environmentally-friendly vehicles even if a significant number of them are still diesel.

New commercial vehicles are now designed to have lower capacity but higher efficiency, which makes them very economic in use. Commercial vehicle segment is nowadays one of the most dynamic parts of the automotive market. Every business owner can find cars that perfectly fit their needs.

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Read on about some of the most popular commercial fleet vehicles.

Ford F-150

It has a towing rating of 12,200 lbs, and offers several smart tow features (a productivity screen with information, a smart trailer tow connector, a dynamic hitch assist etc.)

Toyota Tacoma or Toyota Tundra

These are both top-sellig trucks with features like rear remote reservoirs, heavy-duty floor mats, vinyl-trimmed bench seat, a wide-angle backup camera and more.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

It can be a passenger, crew and cargo van, as well as a cab chassis. The possibility to configure this car according to your business needs makes it valuable, not to mention that it help owners make significant fuel economies.

Ford Transit

This is one of the best-selling commercial vans and comes in passenger and cargo van models, each with three body lengths and three roof heights, as well as single and dual-rear wheel modes.

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