Driving Safety Tips

travel tips from commercial truck leasing companies

The safety of car/truck drivers, passengers and other traffic participants is directly related to drivers` education and experience. To prevent accidents, here are some tips from well known commercial truck leasing companies.

  • Use the seat belt

The safety belt should be worn by drivers and passengers alike, as long as the car moves. In case of a potential impact, it can save lives.

  • Maintain visibility

Make sure all the mirrors are properly positioned so that you have visibility from all angles. Make sure there is enough windshield washer fluid in the special recipient to allow you to use wipers and clean the windscreen anytime it is necessary.

  • Have the required accessories

Most car accessories are optional, but there are a few that you must have: a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher and reflective triangles. Keep these in your trunk all the time.

  • Focus on the road

Avoid the things that distract your attention while driving. Do not use your mobile phone except in emergency situations, do not listen to loud music and do not allow the other passengers to disturb you.

  • Use the signal lights

Those lights are there for a very good reason. Signaling your intentions is very important to avoid car collisions.

  • Ensure that you always comply with the legislation and that you are up to date with any changes.

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