Should You and Your Drivers Eat and Drink in Your Commercial Vehicles?

eating and driving in leased cars

While you might be okay with doing anything you want inside your personal vehicles, including eating, drinking and bringing friends along to have a relaxing time and listen to music, commercial vehicles are mainly meant for work and business. So should you or your drivers consider eating and drinking in a commercial car or vehicle?

We often see signs on buses and passenger transportation vehicles that it is prohibited to consume any food and beverages while you’re traveling on the bus. However, this isn’t necessarily a rule that applies to all commercial vehicles.

In some cases, there’s a lot of strictness. With buses, drivers can’t really control everything that the passengers are doing, so there are rules in place to prevent everyone from having snacks and making a huge mess inside the bus. However, for truck drivers to have their lunch inside the truck, provided that they clean up and make sure there are no leftover morsels lying around on the floor of the cockpit, it’s usually all right.

Each supplier, check out for more info – will have their own rules, of course, and it will typically depend on your contract whether or not you and your employees might be allowed to bring in food and beverages.

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