About Commercial Fleet Vehicles: How Commercial Cars Avoid Liability Problems

Liability issues can arise in any area of life, and renting a car or driving a commercial vehicle as part of your job is definitely part of it. When it comes to the company that owns these cars, it’s important to note that many fleet management companies have liability waivers whenever they rent out the vehicles in question. Whenever you rent a car, you might be required to sign a significant number of documents and pay a lot more fees than you’d expect.

fleet management companies

Collision damage waivers (CDW) and similar policies exist to provide the car owners with peace of mind that their investment will not be lost, if the car is stolen or damaged. As a result, they feel safe and confident renting it out to you or setting a new driver out on a long journey to deliver some goods.

These policies are typically issued by a large insurance company that can prove they have the means to provide compensation in case any problems do arise. However, at the same time, most companies will not hesitate to hold the person who was driving the car accountable. If you were part of an accident that placed you at fault, the company will likely take notable measures to make sure that you will pay for the damages, if the law dictates it.

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