Maintenance to Expect with A Commercial Truck

fleet leasing companies maintenance

If your business activity relies on your commercial trucks, you need to make sure that your fleet is in perfect condition all the time. The best way to achieve such reliability is to have your fleet leasing companies pay special attention to preventative maintenance – here are some maintenance tasks that you should never skip:

  • Oil replacement – the engine oil must be replaced at regular intervals or whenever the mileage in your car requires it. The process should include not only the replacement of the oil, but the replacement of the related filters as well;
  • Topping up other liquids regularly – the water used by the engine for cooling, the transmission oil, the windshield wiper solution, the brake fluid, the oil in the power steering system all need to be checked and topped regularly. Make sure to check all the important fluids before your trucks leave for longer trips and also keep supplies of all the important liquids in the car to allow the driver to top them up while on the go if necessary;
  • Checking the brakes – they need to be in perfect condition all the time, so check them regularly and get them replaced whenever necessary;
  • Checking the tires – inspect your tires regularly and use them only as long as they are in perfect condition.

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