How Much Fuel Should A Commercial Vehicle Fleet Use?

commercial fleet financing costs

Fuel costs represent the bulk of commercial fleet financing costs that companies are faced with. The costs are determined by numerous factors – here are some:

  • The age of the cars in your fleet – the older your cars, the less efficient they are and the more fuel they need. To reduce your fuel costs, evaluate your fleet from the point of view of age and try to figure out how you could replace your oldest cars;
  • The miles traveled – more miles covered means more fuel burned. Take a look at your routes and try to figure out whether you can make them more efficient by shortening them;
  • Educate your drivers – driving style is an important factor that influences fuel efficiency. You might have drivers who have not been involved in any accident since they received their driver’s license, but that does not mean they drive in a fuel-efficient way. Analyze the data returned by the tracking devices mounted on your cars and organize trainings for your drivers to teach them driving techniques to reduce the fuel consumption of the corporate cars they drive. One of the most common fuel saving tips is to turn off the car’s engine whenever the car is standing in traffic for longer than a few seconds.

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