Tips for Saving Money on Fleet Car Leasing

Leasing the car fleet is a financially sound decision for many companies – in many cases, leasing their vehicles, rather than owning them is cheaper and a solution that allows them to focus more on their core business.

work truck lease

While a leased fleet can be a great money saver in itself, making smart choices in terms of fleet composition and funding will allow you to reduce your costs even further – here are a few tips for you:

  • Review your funding – whenever you renew your work truck lease contract, review the financial aspects. Try to be a tough negotiator – leasing companies can be convinced to give you better conditions;
  • Pick cars with great MPG and CO2 levels;
  • Choose your vehicles based on whole-life costs – be very careful when you calculate how much your leased vehicles will actually cost you and include all the cost types that might come up during the time that you use the vehicles;
  • Train your drivers in efficient driving – fuel costs represent a significant part of your fleet related costs. You might have excellent, responsible and reliable drivers, but they might benefit from trainings that teach them how to use their corporate cars more efficiently in any traffic and on any road conditions.

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