What Are Telematics? The Use of Telematics and Telematic Devices in the Automotive Industry

If you’re around cars a lot, you probably already heard the term, “telematics.” But what is it really, and what is it about? The short definition is that telematics is a term used to describe an industry that uses telecommunication and information technologies to send and store information remotely, as well as to control certain objects or activities remotely.

A few examples of telematics include vehicle tracking, trailer tracking, satellite navigation, wireless communications designed for vehicle safety, and even intelligent vehicle technologies such as remotely driven cars or communication protocols used in self-driving car technologies.

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As you can see, telematics is a large and complicated branch of the automotive industry, and it’s extremely technical. Although it can reach beyond the automotive industry in some cases, it’s closely tied to it, and it has mainly to do with the idea of sending and receiving information remotely to vehicles, either to promote safety or to ensure better control for the purpose of increasing practical appeal and the comfort of drivers and their families or friends.

Telematics is undoubtedly a field of the future. As the technology used by truck leasing companies in Colorado and the automotive industry as a whole continues to advance, we will likely see many more branches of the field of telematics appearing everywhere, not to mention brand new inventions that are likely to take off as easily as the GPS system did.

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