Keeping Your Work Truck Clean During Winter

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It can be a challenge to keep your truck clean even under the best of circumstances. However, once winter hits, you can be sure that the challenge will be far greater than before. Fortunately, cleaning your truck doesn’t have to be a huge problem as long as you know what to do. According to fleet car leasing Denver CO authorities, the following steps will help you get through the whole activity without a problem:

  1. Keep the salt that local road crews place on the road, so you can de-ice your truck.
  2. Use two buckets, one filled with water mixed with a mild shampoo and the other with clear water for rinsing.
  3. Brush or knock off excess ice built up at the base your truck. You can use a brush, the salt you saved or some warm water. It’s usually best to leave larger chunks of ice as they are or use extra warm water to slowly melt them away.
  4. Start with the upper portion of the truck and clean down towards the base, then repeat the process with the water from the second bucket, to rinse it.

If the weather is still cold, make sure you dress warm and fill the buckets with warm enough water to account for the speed with which it might lose its heat while you’re outside. If the water gets cold too fast, there’s a chance that ice will build up again on the body.

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