Common Types of Leased Heavy Equipment

We know it is hard to make your business stand in such a competitive market, especially if you work with heavy and expensive equipment. Luckily, you can now manage to afford it, because there are good and fast leasing solutions at Alliance Leasing for the latest and innovative heavy equipment that your business needs.
heavy equipment leasing programs
If it is time to renew or expand your business, you will surely find financial leasing solutions for a wide range of heavy equipment and machinery. The most common types include:
Means of transportation
• Cars
• Buses
• Coaches
• Heavy commercial vehicles
• Trailers, semi-trailers, tractors
• Rolling stock – locomotives and wagons
• Pleasure boats & yachts
Construction equipment
• Bulldozers
• Compactors / vibrocompactors
• Excavators
• Backhoes
• Concrete mixers
• Concrete pumps
• Crushers
• Front loader
• Mills and asphalt stations

Printing / Editing
• Presses
• Rotary printing machines
• Digital printing equipment
• Photo processing equipment
Agriculture & Food Industry
• Combine harvesters
• food processors

Industrial equipment
• Woodworking
• Packing
• Plastic casting
• Technological line of thermo-insulating windows
• Metalworking
• Multiplexers
• Switches
• Transformers
Medical equipment
• Monitors and analyzers
• X-ray and X-ray scanners
• Testers
• Laboratories
• Dental and optical equipment
Material Handling
• Forklift trucks
• Platforms
• Forklifts (diesel or electric)
• Trucks
• Lifts
• Conveyors
IT equipment
• CAD / CAM systems
• Mainframes
• Storage equipment
• Servers
• Macro computers
• Plotters
• High volume printing
• Scanners

As you can see, in almost any industry, you can find equipment to rent if you can’t afford or do not need to purchase.

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