What to Expect from a Fleet Management Company

Managing a company fleet is a challenging task that is better left to Denver Colorado Alliance Leasing professionals. Whether your vehicle fleet consists of only a few cars or you operate dozens of vehicles or even more, outsourcing the task to a fleet management company is an excellent decision – here is what you can expect of your fleet management partner:
– Accurate fuel management – this type of service can help you accurately track the fuel consumption of the cars in your fleet, allowing you to find out whether there are routes where you could reduce your expenses;
– Roadside assistance – fleet management services usually take care of towing, flat tires and they solve issues related to lock-outs smoothly, without disturbing you;
cost effective vehicle management
– Accident management – your fleet management partner will handle the issues related to accidents, including insurance claims processing and repairs;
– Reporting – most companies and fleet managers lack the time to pay proper attention to personal mileage reporting, even though they are aware of the importance of tracking the distances covered by company vehicles. The services provided by fleet management companies usually include the paperwork related to reports as well as support offered to drivers in filling out car-related data and the analysis of the data obtained through GPS tracking.

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