How to Save Money on Company Vehicles

fleet management
Corporate car fleets are among the most expensive assets of any company, with most firms constantly trying to figure out how they could reduce the costs related to operating their fleets. If you are also concerned about the high costs of keeping your fleet functional, insured and filled up with fuel and oil all the time, here are a few tips for you:
– Reconsider funding – calculate how much your fleet costs you each month and decide whether owning the fleet or leasing it is more beneficial for you. Owning your fleet means that you will have to bear all the costs related to the car maintenance, servicing and insurance, but you can use your cars as much as you want to, while leasing transfers all these costs to the leasing company, but your lease agreement might include limitation regarding mileage;
– Evaluate the composition of your fleet – company car fleets that use cars that are too large or too small for the company’s needs are a waste of money. Determine whether the cars you currently use are indeed what you need, not too small and not too large either;
– Be smart when you choose your fuel card provider – review the conditions offered by your current provide, determine what changes you need and discuss them with the provider. Make sure you get easy expenditure tracking, too.
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