What Are the Most Popular Commercial Vehicles You Should Use for Your Business?

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According to recent statistics and studies, Skoda and Ford hold the first few places for the best commercial vehicles currently available on the market. Whether you need a brand new pick up truck, or you’re interested in just renting a small sedan for your business, these are a few of the top picks. But why are they so important?

Skoda has some of the best vehicles rated for the lightweight and compact commercial vehicle segment. Skoda Yeti in particular has taken the lead when it comes to compact cars, as these vehicles are reliable, sturdy and designed to use up very little fuel.

Highly expensive, feature-rich vehicles and luxury cars don’t really make the cut when it comes to the benefits required by top quality commercial vehicles. This is why Ford only made second place with their Ford Transit. The Transit is a rear-wheel drive van, featuring a V6, 6-speed automatic transmission and basic features compared to other cars in its segment. As such, it’s the perfect lower end ford model to consider.

At the top of the line, we also have the Nissan NV and Volkswagen Transporter. While Nissan only featured this model since 2011, Volkswagen has a long history with tweaking their Transporter van for full power and performance. With the new changes designed for this line, the “hippie van” remains one of the best commercial vehicles you can consider.

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