Features to Be Expected with New Commercial Vehicles for 2018

2018 new year
Most major auto makers have new commercial vehicle releases for 2018 – here are some of the features that you can expect for the year:
– Hybrid cars – hybrid technology is now available on commercial vehicles as well, allowing fleet owners to reduce ownership costs by measures;
– Advanced technical solutions to improve the fuel economy of gas-operated and diesel engines – features such as cylinder deactivation and improved ventilation are here to reduce fuel needs;
– Infotainment – the introduction of advanced infotainment platforms will allow drivers to navigate more efficiently and to enjoy great sound while on the road;
– Off-road features – more and more auto makers add off-roading features to their commercial vehicles to increase the functionality of their already high-capacity models;
– Exterior and interior styling – most new releases come with more stylish, yet more robust appearance on the outside, with overhauled grilles, often smaller, but more accurate and more efficient lights, while on the inside, drivers can enjoy more ergonomic seats, with more ergonomic cushioning and lumbar support and consoles that are easier to use. Some manufacturers decided to add more seating in the cabin, so commercial vehicles with front rows that can accommodate three adults are becoming more common.
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