Should I Hire a Mechanic for My Business Vehicles?

If your company owns a vehicle fleet, you probably want your vehicles to be functional whenever you need them, which also means that you need professional repair and maintenance services to keep the cars in good shape.

auto fleet maintenance illustrations

You can either employ a team of mechanics who work full-time to take care of the company’s fleet of vehicles or you can outsource fleet maintenance – here are a few aspects to help you decide which option is better for you:

  • Employing your own team of mechanics makes sense only if you have a large fleet and the possibility to provide the team with a suitably sized, well-equipped garage to work in;
  • To make sure your on-site garage can operate efficiently, you also need to carry an inventory of replacement parts for your fleet and that requires storage space and investment;
  • Some knowledgeable Denver fleet leasing companies think that outsourcing fleet maintenance will take the burden of having to cover for the costs related to the employment of the maintenance team;
  • Professional repair companies carry their own inventory of replacement parts, which means that you won’t have to if you partner with one of them;
  • Outsourcing will provide you access to a larger pool of knowledge, infrastructure, more efficient repairs and maintenance operations.

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