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Why Choose Alliance

commercial van/truckIf you are a successful business owner, professional, or entrepreneur looking to expand or replace a portion of your corporate fleet… I would like to show you an easy way to acquire new vehicles with no hidden costs.

My name is Lee Spitz. I am the President of ALLIANCE LEASING. We are one of the fastest growing fleet vehicle acquisition companies in Colorado…and we offer several unique guarantees in this industry!

  We’ll guarantee you get the lowest delivered price on any American car or truck!

truck plowing snowWe use our volume purchasing power to make sure you get discounted pricing even if you have a small fleet. We also monitor all of the manufacturer’s incentives…daily… to guarantee you get the lowest price available. And we do something different than other leasing companies…we passed the savings on to you! Without any hidden costs!   We guarantee you’ll get the most flexible lease in the industry!

big truck leasing programsOur lease offers no mileage restrictions and no wear and tear penalties. But the real flexibility comes if you need to get out early. Our lease features no interest penalties for terminating after one year. No other company will offer you this flexibility coupled with the lowest acquisition cost. In fact, our lease is usually more flexible than owning.

  We’ll save you at least $500 over a cash purchase!

Alliance Leasing has created a powerful tool to help you evaluate the financial benefits of leasing.

  We’ll offer you a free customized analysis, and show you how much you’ll save…
down to the last dollar!

Our job is to take you out of the vehicle business. You have more productive ways to spend your time. I promise an easy, hassle free experience that will save you time and money.

Download our FREE report and see how you can painlessly acquire new vehicles for your business was absolutely NO hidden charges or fees.

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